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Chapter 3 I&T Warnings

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Chapter 3 I&T

Chapter 3: The Meeting
Indiana sat in her town, watching the town go through its motions. Charlotte would bat her eyes at Simon, while saying something flirtatious, and therefore making his cheeks crimson red. Nothing else would happen and Simon would merely change the subject. Simon would return to work and Charlotte would get Indiana. Her mother was getting groceries. She would say something racist about whatever race was helping her with them. Then she would complain about how everything is just not like how it used to be. All Indiana would think is “I never thought it would be appropriate to call someone a…” and she would insert the term.
Even if the day took a shift from the norm, that would mean yet another, as her mother called him “good boy”, on a single bended knee asking for her hand in marriage. Indiana’s father always told her “Those boys aren’t for you. They are for the girls who can’t do any better.” So she did. She always sought to do better, and she always did.
The problem was that Indiana thought she wasn’t beautiful. She wore her hair tied back in a side braid simply to keep it away. Her skin was darker than the pale-faced people of her hometown in Illinois. She was white, but her skin just got so exposed to the sunlight more often than the girls around her. She had had fairly large breasts that were a huge burden to her. No number of corsets could support them enough, and binding them to pretend she was a boy was a nightmare.
She hated wearing multiple corsets just so her midsection would be as small as the girl built like a boy. She wanted to leave, find better things about life and live them. There would be no nagging husband beside her telling her to be home by eight, no nagging mother, no prim sister, no stupid inventor kid. Her entire life would be perfect.
When she was pondering this, another suitor came to her side with a bouquet of flowers. He got on a knee.
“I’ll stop you there.” Indiana said. “The flowers are done before. The fact you get on your knee for me means that one person in the relationship will have power over the other one and I just don’t want that. Furthermore…”
A mysterious man on a motorized bicycle with a brown leather jacket ripped onto the scene. Indiana’s eye was immediately caught.
The boy was still pleading “I would cheat! You could cheat on me!”
Indiana didn’t look at the boy. She just walked to the mystery man, giving him an uncompromising stare. He shook his hair out.
“Who are you?” Indiana asked.
“They call me Tristan.” He answered. He asked “Who are you?”
“Indiana Cedoris.” Her tone was in the most confident way possible.
“You look adventurous. I like that.” He noticed.
“I am compared to these girls.”
“Do you want an adventure?”
“Yes, but what would you know about adventure?” Indiana asked.
“I’m a certified sky pirate.” He responded, as if it were the worst possible thing someone could do with his or her life.
“Is it amazing?” Indiana asked, throwing his tone to the wind.
“If hanging around a bunch of drunks and collecting lightning and contributing to our carbon footprint is amazing.”
“Is being an adventurer like that?”
“I don’t know. I don’t have my license yet.” He smiled as he answered, as if he was telling himself a joke only he thought was funny.
“Get your license and I will join.” She was almost a little too excited when she said those words.
There was a small pause. Tristan mentioned “If you are going to be the only girl on a ship otherwise full of men, we are going to have to get to know each together.”
“You mean marriage, don’t you?” Indiana asked seeming very annoyed.
“No! I can barely stand still. I can’t think of spending my whole life with one person, it isn’t me at all.” He answered.
“Oh thank god! There is another person who hates marriage.”
“I guess if I meet the right girl, but I haven’t found her yet. I am not going to wait for her to have fun either.”
“Same here, only with a guy.” Indiana agreed.
“I have been a sky pirate since I was ten. I have mainly been raised with people who keep themselves away from society. I need a new family pretty much. I need to be around people I can trust.” Tristan told her.
Tristan, whether he liked to admit it or not, he liked to be around stable people and people he loved. He excelled in self-disclosure. The important things come first. He liked closeness. Indiana on hand was more secretive. She waited until she had the close relationship to reveal too much.
She said “You can trust me.”
“Have you ever lost anyone close?”
“I lost my dad and my mom was distant.” Tristan spat out.
“Granted, I don’t allow many people to get close.” Indiana admitted.
Tristan asked “Why?”
Indiana never got this question from anybody, so for a couple of seconds, she froze. Her brain was searching through all of its information to find a witty retort that would change the subject. The effort was useless, for the question dug at her very soul, and for once the person asking the question was fully interested.
Charlotte saved Indiana. “Indiana! We have to go home!” She exclaimed in a somewhat scolding manner.
Indiana asked “Why?”
“Because!” She interjected.
“Simon is off break?” Indiana guessed
“Yes.” She admitted under her breath. She added with more confidence and her normal volume “And the last thing I need you to do is converse with… adventurers.” She said “adventurer” like she was calling him an “adulterer” in Puritan New England.
Tristan calmly explained. “I am a sky pirate.”
Suddenly Charlotte was mortified. She curtsied. “I apologize for my impolite behavior, sir.”
“My name is Tristan Verne, not sir. I am a resigned sky pirate.” He explained in further detail.
Charlotte, while ignoring every word he said, asked “Isn’t it rewarding to collect the lightning we use for power? Coal miners feel the same way, I assume.”
Charlotte unleashed the energy conservationist that lived within Tristan. “I much prefer alternative energy sources.” His claim started soft. “My motorcycle can be powered three different ways, by trapping solar power, trapping wind power and trapping my manual labor energy or using coal. In all the years I have had my bike, I never once used coal on it.” Is evidence showed a deeper opinion. “Coal and lightning aren’t worth it! What happens when one day when there are no lightning storms? There will still be the sun and the breeze!” He argued. He hit his argument home when he exclaimed “I would not be a sky pirate if my life depended on it now! It was the most boring way I could live my life. I would pick the degradation of being an adventurer every day to the misery of being a sky pirate!”
Charlotte, shocked, backed away from Tristan. “That mocks the very sanctity of our lives and the way we use energy!” She exclaimed.
“It should.” Tristan said, as he got on his motorcycle. He told Indiana, proudly “I am going to get my adventuring license. Where is town hall?”
She nodded. “The big building that says Town Hall right behind you.”
“Thanks Indie. I can’t wait to have you on my team.”
“You’re welcome Tristan. Anything for an…” Indiana hesitated “A sky pirate.” She corrected.
He drove off to town hall. Indiana was interested in him. He didn’t have the tainted idea of gender roles people normally had. He didn’t want to tame her.
Charlotte smiled. “He called you Indie.”
“So what? We are just friends. I always wanted you to give me a nickname and  you never did.”
“So? He is male! He has to love you!” She bubbled over with her own gossip potential.
“Oh Charlotte, I don’t care! If I die alone in a hole I wouldn’t care! I don’t want a man to look after me! I can just as easily look after myself!” She exclaimed passionately. “If Tristan Verne loved me and I loved him too, I would date him and we would eventually be married. Any other instance with any other man would not work. I don’t fawn over men, expecting them to eventually succumb to my beauty or lack thereof.” Charlotte tried to interrupt, but Indiana didn’t let her. “I would run up and kiss him. If I couldn’t do that, he isn’t worth it.” Indiana explained.
“Do you mean Simon and I?” Charlotte asked.
“Of course.” Indiana answered.
“We need to go.” Charlotte defended.
“Sure we do. You are avoiding the fact you never acted on him and that he isn’t worth you.”
“Indiana, shut up.”
“He isn’t! He has great dreams but he will be boring when those dreams fade away!” Indiana exclaimed.
“Indiana, lets go.” Charlotte seethed with anger
“Alright. I’ll just conform.” Indiana said, starting to take the route home. She smiled. “Mom will be happy to know I found a male I actually get along with.”
The two laughed as they walked home.

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Nerd Love Warnings

There is lots of Ben Folds with lots of cursing. In all honesty it is a horrible musical. It is a space filler. I am going to post Indiana and Tristan eventually. I am procrastinating.
<3 HRT

Nerd Love One Act Scene 4 and Epilogue

Scene 4- auditorium
Dylan- Marc, we need to talk.
Marc- Of course we do. It started as a peck but she wanted to go for tongue so we did.
Dylan- Goddamn it, that isn’t what I came for. I came to tell you something important in a Ben Folds song that now seems moot.
Marc- Sing it anyways.
(Dylan nods and cues the music Get Your Hands Off My Woman. One cannot simply censor this song. But one could try. Dylan gets way into it.)
Marc- How is that moot?
Dylan- I don’t love Lydia. Well if you are going back to Virginia, it applies.
Marc- Okay. That kiss was amazing.
Dylan- Did she put her arms around you?
Marc- Yeah.
Dylan- She doesn’t do that with me.
Marc- That sucks bro.
Dylan- Sucks barely covers it.
Virginia- Dylan Lydia and Marc kissed.
Dylan- I know. Want to do a real duet with me, or a solo? (Marc leaves and no one notices)
Virginia- I think there is a song that you need to sing.
(Dylan nods and plays and sings Bruised by Ben Folds.)
Virginia- I think I love you.
Dylan- I love you too.
Virginia- I love you.
Dylan- I love you too.
Virginia- Yet I barely know you.
Dylan- I think the things you don’t know about me are small things. I love Chai tea. I am a Libra. I am a nerdfighter and my favorite author is John Green. My favorite Beatle is George.
Virginia- DFTBA.
Dylan- What about you?
Virginia- I am a workaholic.
Dylan- Great. I can balance you.
Virginia- You always balance me.
(kisses her. The two are blind to Lydia walking in. They are involved in the kiss)
Dylan- (whispered) I love you.
Lydia- Why in the world are you kissing her?
Dylan- I love her!
Lydia- You are cheating on me!
Dylan- Sweet sacrilege.
Lydia- We are through.
Dylan- K.
(Lydia stomps out.)
Virginia- I love you.
Dylan- I love you too. The first and second kisses are always close.
Virginia- I have a song for you.
Dylan- Okay.
Virginia- (sings Ingrid Michealson’s The Way I am)
Epilogue- Auditorium
(Marc and Lydia are kissing onstage. Dylan and Virginia are holding hands, watching them.)
Dylan- (whispered) I made the right choice.
Virginia- I did.
Marc- (onstage) I love you Rachel Berriman!
Lydia- I love you Flynn Hudson! Gleek club would never be complete without us!
Marc- Finn and Rachel would be proud of us.
Dylan- I am so glad I am not part of this.
Virginia- It can only be so good when it is a satire of Glee attacking the fan base.
Dylan- Too much 80’s rock.
Virginia- It isn’t over yet.
(The cast, dressed as characters from Glee all come together and sing Don’t Stop Believing.)
Dylan- Now it is over. (He kisses her)

Nerd Love One Act Scene 2& 3

Scene 2- Auditorium
Narrator- Dylan and Lydia were having problems already so Virginia getting into the midst of this was not going to help and Marc would only complicate things.
Dylan- Why do you spend so much time with him?
Lydia- He is my kind of guy.
Dylan- You mean dumb?
Lydia- No, I mean mysterious. I mean makes me laugh and can be romantic in a serious manner.
Dylan- I am a more of a funny guy.
Lydia- I know. I love you, but I want a serious relationship.
Dylan- Do you mean…?
Lydia- No. I mean something that is deep and passionate.
Dylan- I don’t do deep and passionate.
Lydia- Uh, yes you do. Virginia.
Dylan- She needed me.
Lydia- Of course.
Dylan- I love you.
Lydia- Pick a duet.
Dylan- Okay. (He strums I Don’t Wanna Know by Fleetwood Mac, but it is more like the Glee version.)
Lydia- I think you should see other people.
Dylan- That implies you are already seeing someone else.
Lydia- I am not. I just want to.
Dylan- Like you just want to end your sentence in a preposition.
Lydia- Yes.
Dylan- I love you.
Lydia- You betrayed me.
Dylan- I love you.
Lydia- You think you do.
Dylan- I love you more than I love my guitar. I love you more than I love Ben Folds’ music. I love you more than anything.
Lydia- Enough to not be friends with Virginia?
Dylan- Yes.
Lydia- Okay you get another shot.
Scene 3- Courtyard
(Virginia sits at the lunch table by herself. Dylan comes over.)
Dylan- Lydia wants me to not hang out with you.
Virginia- Oh god.
Dylan- Relax. I told her yes, but you need me.
Virginia- You would go against her for me?
Dylan- Yes. Lydia can’t know.
Virginia- I feel so special.
Dylan- You should. I came all the way from the auditorium to get here just to sing with Regina Spektor slash Virginia I Don’t Know Your Last Name.
Virginia- Morrison.
Dylan- I am Ben Folds slash Dylan Robinson.
Virginia- Lydia would just keep her last name right?
Dylan- Lydia Moonbeam is more pretty than Lydia Robinson.
Virginia- What did you want to sing?
Dylan- I don’t know. Something us.
Virginia- You’ve Got a Friend?
Dylan- Too friendzone. Maybe I should sing something to you. (plays if I Needed Someone and sings to Virginia. She sings back-up. The two continuously look at each other.)
Virginia- Are  serious?
(Dylan leaves.)
Virginia- (sighs) I thought so.
(Lydia enters)
Lydia- Really? He was here, wasn’t he?
Virginia- You heard us?
Lydia- Of course. How couldn’t I?
Virginia- I don’t know.
Lydia- You are stealing him.
Virginia- I could easily say the same thing with Marc.
Lydia- You two broke up. And it was just one kiss.
Virginia- And you are telling me I am in the way?
Lydia- I like Marc. It was a stage kiss.
Virginia- You two need to leave each other.
Lydia- You have got to be kidding me. You are telling me what to do.
Virginia- You ignore confrontation and ignore when things are blatantly shoved in your face!
Lydia- I still don’t waltz around with other people’s boyfriends and sing songs!
Virginia- He called me his Regina Spektor. They never had any romantic relationship but…
Lydia- (broken) I know what he meant. (runs off stage)